BLG Awards

Canada West has a rich history of national award winners, including recipients of the Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG) Awards (formerly the Howard Mackie Awards; changed in 2003), which are awarded annually to the top male and female athlete in Canadian Interuniversity Sport.

The BLG female winner receives the Jim Thompson Trophy, while the male winner receives the Doug Mitchell Trophy. Both winners receive a $10,000 scholarship to attend a Canadian University graduate school.

Each of the 53 CIS universities select a male and female athlete as a nominee. Each conference - Atlantic Canada, Canada West, Ontario and Québec - then select both a female, and male conference nominee. These eight nominees are then considered for the BLG Awards based on their athletic accomplishment, outstanding sportsmanship and demonstrated leadership. The Canadian Athletic Foundation – a non-profit board established to administer the Awards – serves to protect the integrity of the selection process, and select winners.

Selection Criteria

The eight nominees are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Must have participated in a CIS sport for two years (including the current year of nomination)
  • Must be in a course of study leading to their first undergraduate degree or graduate program (minimum second year);
  • Must be the university’s Athlete of the Year or runner-up; and
  • Cannot be a previous BLG Award winner

All-Time Canada West BLG Award Nominees


2016: Iuliia Pakhomenko, TRU, Volleyball

2015: Jessica King, TWU, Soccer

2014: Lisa Barclay, UBC, Volleyball

2013: Shanice Marcelle, UBC, Volleyball

2012: Robyn Pendleton, UBC, Field Hockey

2011: Shanice Marcelle, UBC, Volleyball

2010: Liz Cordonier, UBC, Volleyball

2009: Annamay Pierse, UBC, Swimming

2008: Lani Gibbons, SFU, Basketball

2007: Jessica Zelinka, CGY, Track & Field

2006: Sarah Crooks, SK, Basketball

2005: Kelsie Hendry, SK, Track & Field

2004: Joanna Niemczewska, CGY, 


2003: Jessica Kaczowska, SFU, Basketball

2002: Teresa Kleindienst, SFU, Basketball 

2001: Leighann Doan , CGY, Basketball

2000: Jenny Cartmell, AB, Volleyball

1999: Stephanie O’Neill , CGY, Soccer

1998: Sarah Evanetz, UBC, Swimming

1997: Terri-Lee Johannesson, MB, Basketball       

1997: Carla Somerville, AB, Field Hockey

1996: Meagan Koch, CGY, Basketball

1995: Stacy Kozak, CGY, Field Hockey

1994: Sandra Carroll, WPG, Basketball

1994: Vicki-Susan (Sam) le Riche, UBC,

Field Hockey

1993: Diane Scott, WPG, Volleyball

1993:Rochelle Low, VIC , Field Hockey



2016: Andrew Buckley, CGY, Football

2015:Andrew Buckley, CGY, Football

2014: Derek Hulak, SK, Hockey

2013: Gagan Dosanjh, UBC, Soccer

2012: Ben Ball, TWU, Volleyball

2011: Graham Vigrass, CGY, Volleyball

2010: Erik Glavic, CGY, Football

2009: Joel Schmuland, AB, Volleyball

2008: Ben Schellenberg, WPG, Volleyball

2007: Josh Howatson, TWU, Volleyball

2006: Chris Meehan, TWU, Volleyball

2005: Nicholas Cundy, AB, Volleyball

2004: Adam Ens, SK, Volleyball

2003: Pascal Cardinal, AB, Volleyball

2002: Brian Johns, UBC, Swimming

2001: Mark Versfeld, UBC, Swimming

2000: Russ Hewson, AB, Hockey

1999: Warren Muzika, SK, Football

1998: Mark Nohra, UBC, Football

1997: Curtis Myden, CGY, Swimming

1996: Don Blair, CGY, Football

1995: Jamie Pegg, CGY, Hockey

1994: Todd Goodwin, AB, Hockey

1993: Andy Cameron, CGY, Volleyball

- Overall winners from GPAC, who are now

Canada West member schools, in italics

- BLG overall winners in bold