Every year, a growing number of U SPORTS student-athletes are recognized as Academic All-Canadians, having maintained an average of 80 per cent or better over the academic year while competing for one - or more - of their university’s varsity teams.

In 2016-17, a record 1,083 students from Canada West instiutions achieved the prestigious status, eclipsing the previous mark of 1,045 set the year prior.

Click here for the all-time totals of Academic All-Canadians among Canada West schools.

Among these outstanding individuals, one female and one male student-athlete from each of the four CIS regional associations are selected annually to make up the Top 8.

Below is a list of the Canada West representatives in the Top 8 Academic All-Canadians, dating back to 1993-94.

All-Time Canada West Top 8 Academic All-Canadians


2016-17: Meg Casault, Alberta, Volleyball

2015-16: Rebecca Terejko, UBC, Swimming

2014-15: Sarah Wierks, UFV, Basketball

2013-14: Brittany Habing, MB, Volleyball

2012-13: Jaki Ellis, AB, Volleyball

2011-12: Hayley Wickenheiser, CGY, Hockey

2010-11: Hayley Wickenheiser, CGY, Hockey

2009-10: Jen Hinze, UBC, Volleyball

2008-09: Kayla Dykstra, VIC, Basketball

2007-08: Adrianne Vangool, SK, Track & Field

2006-07: Katie Davidson, MB, Volleyball

2005-06: Kristen Hagg, AB, Hockey

2004-05: Danielle Bourgeois, AB, Hockey

2003-04: Danielle Bourgeois, AB, Hockey

2002-03: Maria Gallo, AB, Rugby

2001-02: Jacqueline Lavallee, SK, Basketball & Soccer  

2000-01: Jen Dowdeswell, UBC, Hockey

1999-00: Kelly Matheson, CGY, Soccer

1998-99: Jessica Mills, UBC, Basketball

1997-98: Sarah Joly, AB, Soccer

1996-97: Sarah Joly, AB, Soccer

1995-96: Liz Smith, AB, Soccer

1994-95: Adair Duncan, UBC, Basketball

1993-94: Erika Forster, UBC, Track & Field 


2016-17: Geoff Gray, Manitoba, Football

2015-16: Chad Bush, UBC, Soccer

2014-15: Andrew Buckley, CGY, Football

2013-14: Jordan Baker, AB, Basketball

2012-13: Paul Clerc, UBC, Soccer

2011-12: Kyle Ross, SK, Hockey

2010-11: Darren Mazzei, VIC, CC / Track & Field  

2009-10: Thomas Hall, MB, Football

2008-09: Kyle Ross, REG, Hockey

2007-08: Ben Schellenberg, WPG, Volleyball

2006-07: Jay Langager, LETH, Hockey

2005-06: Chris Meehan, TWU, Volleyball

2004-05: Paul Deniset, MB, Hockey

2003-04: Adam Ens, SK, Volleyball

2002-03: Blair St. Martin, AB, Hockey

2001-02: Jeff Zorn, AB, Hockey

2000-01: Mark Versfeld, UBC, Swimming

1999-00: Spencer Holt, LETH, Basketball

1998-99: Curtis Myden, CGY, Swimming

1997-98: Mike Dalziel, UBC, Volleyball

1996-97: Mike Sieben, AB , Volleyball

1995-96: John McArthur, UBC, Swimming

1994-95: Todd Langley, VIC, Basketball

1993-94: Curtis Myden, CGY, Swimming