Canada West has a rich history of national award winners, including recipients of the Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG) Awards (formerly the Howard Mackie Awards; changed in 2003), which are awarded annually to the top male and female athlete in U SPORTS.

The BLG female winner receives the Jim Thompson Trophy, while the male winner receives the Doug Mitchell Trophy. Both winners receive a $10,000 scholarship to attend a Canadian University graduate school.

Each of the 53 U SPORTS universities select a male and female athlete as a nominee. Each conference - Atlantic Canada, Canada West, Ontario and Québec - then select both a female, and male conference nominee. These eight nominees are then considered for the BLG Awards based on their athletic accomplishment, outstanding sportsmanship and demonstrated leadership. The Canadian Athletic Foundation – a non-profit board established to administer the Awards – serves to protect the integrity of the selection process, and select winners.

Selection Criteria

The eight nominees are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Must have participated in a U SPORTS sport for two years (including the current year of nomination)
  • Must be in a course of study leading to their first undergraduate degree or graduate program (minimum second year);
  • Must be the university’s Athlete of the Year or runner-up; and
  • Cannot be a previous BLG Award winner

All-Time Canada West Athletes of the Year / BLG Award Nominees


2018: Temi Ogunjimi, CGY, Rugby

2017: Danielle Brisebois, UBC, Volleyball

2016: Iuliia Pakhomenko, TRU, Volleyball

2015: Jessica King, TWU, Soccer

2014: Lisa Barclay, UBC, Volleyball

2013: Shanice Marcelle, UBC, Volleyball

2012: Robyn Pendleton, UBC, Field Hockey

2011: Shanice Marcelle, UBC, Volleyball

2010: Liz Cordonier, UBC, Volleyball

2009: Annamay Pierse, UBC, Swimming

2008: Lani Gibbons, SFU, Basketball

2007: Jessica Zelinka, CGY, Track & Field

2006: Sarah Crooks, SK, Basketball

2005: Kelsie Hendry, SK, Track & Field

2004: Joanna Niemczewska, CGY, VB

2003: Jessica Kaczowska, SFU, Basketball

2002: Teresa Kleindienst, SFU, Basketball 

2001: Leighann Doan , CGY, Basketball

2000: Jenny Cartmell, AB, Volleyball

1999: Stephanie O’Neill , CGY, Soccer

1998: Sarah Evanetz, UBC, Swimming

1997: Terri-Lee Johannesson, MB, Basketball       

1997: Carla Somerville, AB, Field Hockey

1996: Meagan Koch, CGY, Basketball

1995: Stacy Kozak, CGY, Field Hockey

1994: Sandra Carroll, WPG, Basketball

1994: Vicki-Susan (Sam) le Riche, UBC, FH

1993: Diane Scott, WPG, Volleyball

1993:Rochelle Low, VIC , Field Hockey




2018: Ed Ilnicki, ALB, Football

2017: Ryan Sclater, TWU, Volleyball

2016: Andrew Buckley, CGY, Football

2015:Andrew Buckley, CGY, Football

2014: Derek Hulak, SK, Hockey

2013: Gagan Dosanjh, UBC, Soccer

2012: Ben Ball, TWU, Volleyball

2011: Graham Vigrass, CGY, Volleyball

2010: Erik Glavic, CGY, Football

2009: Joel Schmuland, AB, Volleyball

2008: Ben Schellenberg, WPG, Volleyball

2007: Josh Howatson, TWU, Volleyball

2006: Chris Meehan, TWU, Volleyball

2005: Nicholas Cundy, AB, Volleyball

2004: Adam Ens, SK, Volleyball

2003: Pascal Cardinal, AB, Volleyball

2002: Brian Johns, UBC, Swimming

2001: Mark Versfeld, UBC, Swimming

2000: Russ Hewson, AB, Hockey

1999: Warren Muzika, SK, Football

1998: Mark Nohra, UBC, Football

1997: Curtis Myden, CGY, Swimming

1996: Don Blair, CGY, Football

1995: Jamie Pegg, CGY, Hockey

1994: Todd Goodwin, AB, Hockey

1993: Andy Cameron, CGY, Volleyball

- Overall winners from GPAC, who are now

Canada West member schools, in italics

- BLG overall winners in bold