Canada West + IDEAS Research Lab

CW's Anti-Racism Project

Canada West is partnering with the IDEAS Research Lab to thoroughly examine its policy in an effort to prevent and respond to racist incidents in meaningful ways.

Over the next year, IDEAS Research Lab, led by Dr. Janelle Joseph, will closely analyze Canada West materials and cultures to determine what information is available and how people are influenced by policies.


Our research will fall largely into the following categories: social cohesion and community morale; mental health and wellbeing; unconscious bias and recruitment; education, academics, and training; finances, internships, and scholarships; racial demographics, diversity, and representation; and harm reduction and social justice transformation.


Dr. Joseph and colleagues will conduct digital storytelling and focus groups with Canada West student-athletes, coaches and administrators to better understand experiences with racism and existing anti-racism interventions. Allies are also encouraged to join and participate in this important work. You can share pictures/video of your sporting experiences, paired with narratives to describe what you’ve seen/heard/aspire to? You can help shape recommendations on how the conference can better combat racism.

Canada West universities support participation in the focus groups and digital storytelling. Chosen athlete, coaches, and administrators will be offered a $25 gift card (focus groups) and $125 gift card (digital storytelling) for their participation. All information shared and names of participants will be kept confidential and anonymous (real names will not be used). Participant identity will be only known by the researchers and other focus group members, who will be asked to maintain confidentiality and respect the privacy of other members.

There is no penalty if you withdraw from the research once you start and you will not lose any of the benefits you are entitled to from your team, coach, supervisor, or university.

Please provide your email at the following link to get involved in a focus group or digital storytelling: Get Involved - Share Your Experience


The project will conclude with a report detailing the research findings, a policy brief outlining policy implications for both the conference and individual universities and several presentations to stakeholders, all with the goal of guiding the conference to stronger anti-racism policies and practices.

About the IDEAS Research Lab

The IDEAS Research Lab is an interdisciplinary team comprising graduate students and research assistants. We work on research, mentorship programs, embodiment groups, and trainings in the areas of equity, anti-racism, post-/de-coloniality, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) women’s health and wellness, and 2SLGBTQ inclusion related to sport. We are funded by local and national agencies. The lab’s researchers come from myriad backgrounds and bring their unique and rich social and cultural values to uphold the lab’s core priority: advancing social justice and otherwise thinking in physical cultures.