CW Swimming Championships: T-Birds continue to lead after Day 2

Matt Gutsch, Bears and Pandas Athletics

EDMONTON – The penultimate day of the 2016-17 Canada West swimming championships saw the UBC Thunderbirds take commanding leads in the men's and women's standings, while six more records fell at the Kinsmen Sports Centre pool on Saturday.

A full championship schedule can be found here and live results will be available here.

The U of A Golden Bears and Pandas teams claimed another 10 Canada West podium spots on Saturday, including three gold medals. Nick Kostiuk (100m breaststroke), Josiah Binnema (100m butterfly) and Pandas rookie Georgia Kidd (100m butterfly) all finished on top of the podium for Alberta. The Golden Bears swept the men's 100m breaststroke event as Gregory Farmer and Aaron Vander Leek earned silver and bronze behind Kostiuk, and the foursome of Skyeler Kerr, Bjoern-Ole Schrader, Caleb Vander Leek and Kostiuk picked up silver in the men's 400m freestyle event as well. Schrader, a rookie from Georgetown, Ontario, also earned bronze in the 100m butterfly event, finishing two spots behind Binnema.

Alberta's women's 400m FS team of Madalyn Smith, Nichole Moen, Georgia Kidd and Nikki MacLeod swam to a silver medal performance as well, while Smith also earned individual bronze in the 100m breaststroke and 50m FS.

The U of A also now has 17 swimmers qualified for the national championships, which run February 24-26 at the Université de Sherbrooke.

The Thunderbirds posted some incredible Day 2 performances and times, earning 23 medals, out of a possible 42, or 55% of the medal haul, while also breaking four conference records. They enter Day 3 with 657 points on the women's side and 592 points on the men's side, and they boast leads of 280 and 210 points, respectively, over their nearest competitor in the women's and men's standings.

"That was a really good day two for us, noted UBC head coach Steve Price. "As a program we really take a lot of pride in getting as many swimmers as we can into the 'A' finals, and we did a pretty good job of that today. We had over 20 'A' finalists, in men's and women's, and we posted some really good times. We swept the IMs, both men's and women's, and picked up four meet records, so I'd say it was a pretty dominant performance, and pretty good for this time of year."

UBC is on track to win their eighth consecutive Canada West women's title, as well as their fourth consecutive men's conference banner. The Calgary Dinos are in second place on the women's side with 377 points, while the host Alberta Pandas are in the bronze position with 323 points. In the men's table, the U of A Golden Bears have a slim hold on second place, with 382 points, while the Dinos are in third with 380.50 points.

A total of six records changed owners on Saturday, bringing the two day total in Edmonton to 10 new Canada West records so far. The T-Birds claimed four of the six on Saturday as Quincy Brozo (50m FS), Yuri Kisil (50m FS) and Ingrid Wilm (200m backstroke) all earned individual Canada West records, while the UBC 400m FS men's relay team also blazed to the touch pad in a record setting time. Calgary's Danica Ludlow (200m FS) and Manitoba's Kelsey Wog (100m breaststroke) also broke records on Saturday, and both Wilm, from UBC, and Manitoba's Wog have now broken two records at the championship meet so far.

"I think it's a combination of things," explained Price about the record setting swims this weekend in Edmonton. "This pool has always been a really good short course pool, and they recently redeveloped it for the World Cup, which improved it. It's also a post-Olympic year, so the athletes who trained really hard for that last year are still performing at a high level and they still have juice in the tank from that training."

"But, the fact that the records are coming from all over Canada West, and to see the depth of competition within the conference is really encouraging," Price added. "I'm obviously really happy for our results and records today, but the fact that U of A is stepping up to break records, as well as U of C and U of M, it only makes our conference better and stronger, which forces everyone to get better, so I'm really encouraged by that."

Day three, the final day of the 2016 Canada West swimming championships, begins with preliminary heats from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. MST, followed by finals which run from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. MST. All races will be streamed live on

Day 2 Results

Women's 50 Freestyle

1. Quincy Brozo, UBC  (25.43)* Canada West Record
2. Ingrid Wilm, UBC (25.77)
3. Madalyn Smith, Alberta (25.98)

Men's 50 Freestyle

1. Yuri Kisil, UBC (22.07)* Canada West Record
2. Markus Thormeyer, UBC (22.49)
3. Stefan Milosevic, UBC (22.84)

Women's 400 IM

1. Maia Brundage, UBC (4:41.58) 
2. Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, UBC (4:44.29)
3. Megan Dalke, UBC (4:45.22)

Men's 400 IM

1. Luke Reilly, UBC (4:18.58)
2. Jonathan Brown, UBC (4:18.92)
3. Colin Eriks, UBC (4:19.32)

Women's 100 Butterfly

1. Georgia Kidd, Alberta (59.90)
2. Eva Madar, Regina (1:00.72)
3. Jacomi Strydom, UBC (1:01.46)

Men's 100 Butterfly

1. Josiah Binnema, Alberta (53.05)
2. Coleman Allen, UBC (53.64)
3. Bjoern-Ole Schrader, Alberta (54.45)

Women's 200 Backstroke

1. Ingrid Wilm, UBC (2:07.65)* Canada West Record
2. Danielle Hanus, Victoria (2:09.03)
3. Mckenzie Summers, UBC (2:11.60)

Men's 200 Backstroke

1. Markus Thormeyer, UBC (1:57.15)
2. Jarod Tsang, Calgary (1:58.06)
3. Noah Choboter, Regina (1:58.56)

Women's 100 Breaststroke

1. Kelsey Wog, Manitoba (1:06.30) *Canada West Record
2. Erin Stamp, UBC (1:07.33)
3. Madalyn Smith, Alberta (1:09.33)

Men's 100 Breaststroke

1. Nick Kostiuk, Alberta (59.99)
2. Gregory Farmer, Alberta (1:02.37)
3. Aaron Vander Leek, Alberta (1:02.58)

Women's 200 Freestyle

1. Danica Ludlow, Calgary (1:57.50)* Canada West Record
2. Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, UBC (1:57.67)
3. Maia Brundage, UBC (1:59.32)

Men's 200 Freestyle

1. Keegan Zanatta, UBC (1:47.56)
2. Stefan Milosevic, UBC (1:48.32)
3. Peter Brothers, Calgary (1:49.17)

Women's 400 Freestyle Relay

1. UBC (Ingrid Wilm, Quincy Brozo, Maia Brundage, Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson) 3:43.41
2. Alberta (Madalyn Smith, Nichole Moen, Georgia Kidd, Nikki MacLeod) 3:47.67
3. Calgary (Robyn Lee, Danica Ludlow, Leah Smal, Tianna Rissling) 3:51.24

Men's 400 Freestyle Relay

1. UBC (Yuri Kissil, Markus Thormeyer, Stefan Milosevic, Carson Olafson) 3:18.15* Canada West Record
2. Alberta (Skyeler Kerr, Bjoern-Ole Schrader, Caleb Vander Leek, Nick Kostiuk) 3:24.56
3. Victoria (Brett Zollen, Garett Mallender, Josh Zakala, Eric Hedlin) 3:26.00



1. UBC, 657
2. Calgary, 377
3. Alberta, 323
4. Victoria, 172.50
5. Regina, 166.50
6. Lethbridge, 156
7. Manitoba, 116
8. Thompson Rivers, 47


1. UBC, 592
2. Alberta, 382
3. Calgary, 380.50
4. Victoria, 230.50
5. Regina, 160
6. Lethbridge, 138
7. Manitoba, 88


Women's 800 Freestyle

1. Danica Ludlow, Calgary (8:36.74)
2. Megan Dalke, UBC (8:40.52)
3. Maia Brundage, UBC (8:43.88) 

Men's 1500 Freestyle

1. Eric Hedlin, Victoria (15:14.20)
2. Jonathan Brown, UBC (15:23.21)
3. Keegan Zanatta, UBC (15:27.29) 

Women's 50 Butterfly

1. Georgia Kidd, Alberta (27.36)
2. Eva Madar, Regina (27.54)
3. Jacomie Strydom, UBC (27.70) 

Men's 50 Butterfly

1. Luke Peddie, UBC (23.85) *Canada West Record
2. Coleman Allen, UBC (24.12)
3. Skyeler Kerr, Alberta (24.61) 

Women's 50 Backstroke

1. Ingrid Wilm, UBC (27.26) *Canada West Record
2. Danielle Hanus, Victoria (27.76)
3. Leah Smal, Calgary (28.78) 

Men's 50 Backstroke

1. Josh Dow, Calgary (24.97)
2. Josiah Binnema, Alberta (25.09)
3. Christopher Courtis, Calgary (25.11) 

Women's 50 Breaststroke

1. Kelsey Wog, Manitoba (30.54) *Canada West Record
2. Erin Stamp, UBC (30.98)
3. Tianna Rissling, Calgary (31.62) 

Men's 50 Breaststroke

1. Nick Kostiuk, Alberta (27.76) *Canada West Record
2. Warren Mayer, UBC (28.38)
3. Joel Robinson, Lethbridge (28.41) 

Women's 800 Freestyle Relay

1. UBC (Erika Seltenreich-Hodson, Megan Dalke, Ingrid Wilm, Maia Brundage) 8:00.10
2. Alberta (Georgia Kidd, Nikki MacLeod, Nichole Moen, Madalyn Smith) 8:15.99
3. Calgary (Danica Ludlow, Robyn Lee, Lauren Teghtsoonian, Leah Smal) 8:16.26 

Men's 800 Freestyle Relay

1. UBC (Carson Olafson, Stefan Milosevic, Coleman Allen, Keegan Zanatta) 7:15.56 *Canada West Record
2. Calgary (Peter Brothers, Christopher Neave, Teddy Kalp, Tristan Cote) 7:24.09
3. Alberta (Caleb Vander Leek, Nick Kostiuk, Josiah Binnema, Bjoern-Ole Schrader) 7:29.68