#9 Wesmen stay undefeated with road win over Bisons

#9 Wesmen stay undefeated with road win over Bisons

Written by Lauren Hollins

Winnipeg, MB – After they went 0-2 against the #9 Winnipeg Wesmen last season, the Manitoba Bisons women's basketball team were ready to win Thursday, Dec. 1 night's game at Investors Group Athletic Centre. The Herd fell behind in the first half, falling 34-28 and the Bisons, now 1-8, hoped the break the winning streak of the now 9-0 Wesmen, but the #9 team remains undefeated, winning 67-54.

The home team trailed behind the undefeated Wesmen in the first half, coming out behind 50-38, even though they came out on top in the second period by a 15-11 margin. Bison guard Nicole Konieczny grabbed all five of her defensive rebounds netting 11 points with Wesmen guard Lena Wenke was right behind her at 10 points at the half.  

The road team dominated the second half with Wesmen's forward Faith Hezekiah netting 17 points over the 40 minutes and Wenke with 15. The home team's Konieczny finished 20, along with Bison forward Emma Thompson netted 11 and Bison guard notched 10, but they still weren't enough for the Herd to come out on top — the Wesmen won 67-54.

"They're one of the most experienced teams in our league," says Bison head coach Michele Sung, "they have the best record in the country, so just preparing, our younger group has to understand that if you make any mistakes they're going to capitalize on that. It's about having a heightened awareness about that."

Manitoba will have another shot at defeating Winnipeg on Saturday, December 3, except this time Winnipeg will host.

Point Leaders:
WPG: Hezekiah (17)
MB: Konieczny (20)

Assist Leaders:
WPG: Miller (3)
MB: Parisien (3)

Rebound Leaders:
WPG: Miller (11)
MB: Konieczny (12)