Lethbridge awarded Jan. 29 victory over UBC

Canada West Communications

NEW WESTMINSTER – The University of Lethbridge Pronghorns women’s hockey team has been awarded a January 29th 5-4 double-overtime victory over the UBC Thunderbirds, as announced Friday, February 12 by the Canada West Appeal Panel.

Initially a 5-4 2OT win for Lethbridge, the game was protested by UBC due to an officiating error in which the teams were instructed to change ends between overtime periods.

UBC’s protest was subsequently accepted by the Canada West Protest Committee, which coincided with both teams agreeing that there had been a misapplication of the Canada West women’s hockey playing regulations. 

The Protest Committee agreed that because the Canada West rules are silent with regards to a net change between the first and second overtime periods, it could reasonably be assumed that there should not have been a change of net between the first and second periods of overtime.

As the committee tasked to resolve the protest, they looked for a decision that was both fair and reasonable to deal with a situation where a portion of the game had been played under a misapplication of regulations.  

Given there was an opportunity to replay the portion of the game that was under protest the following day before UBC returned to Vancouver, the Committee made the decision that the second five-minute overtime period must be replayed with the teams in the correct ends as per Canada West rules 

The result was a replaying of the second overtime period prior to the start of the team’s Saturday, January 30 game. The overtime period didn’t result in a goal, leading to a shootout, which was eventually won by UBC, securing the T-Bird’s 5-4 SO win.

Lethbridge subsequently appealed the decision to accept the protest, with their appeal being heard by the Canada West Appeal Panel, which has provided a final ruling in favour of Lethbridge, thus reinstating the initial result of the game (5-4 2OT win for Lethbridge).

The end result is a two-point overtime victory for Lethbridge, while UBC will be awarded a single point for an overtime loss.

Due to the time sensitive nature of the Appeal Panel’s decision, the ruling was made public prior to the completion of the Panel’s full, written report, which will be available within one week.